Friday, August 1, 2014

Starting Over...Again

I've come to this realization that I don't really know who I am as a blogger. This fact really shows when I sit down and realize that I just don't blog often, even though I want to. I've spent ages trying to figure it out. Who am I?

Am I a mommy blogger, who writes about her kids? Am I a life blogger, who writes about, well, everything? Am I a trendy blogger? Who am I?

And here's what I've come to realize. I don't fit into just one niche. True, I will mostly write about my kids, my husband, and my cats. But I'm so much more than just a wife and mommy. I keep my book blog separate because I feel that it needs to be it's own place. Alyssa the Bookworm is just one part of my personality. But I separated them because I didn't want this blog to become solely book reviews, since that's what I've managed to successfully blog about in the last year.

This blog was supposed to be my safe haven. I meant it to be the place where I could come and spill about the random stuff that happened in my day. A place where I could vent and share stories. But then I tried to make it something it wasn't, and I swiftly lost interest.

So, here I am again. Back at square one. Back to where I have everything ahead of me. There are miles and miles of blank web page ahead of me, and I can fill it with anything that I could dream about.

I hope that this journey will be shared with others, but I'm going to stop writing for other people and write for myself.

With that said - Hi, I'm Alyssa. I'm a mess of a woman who has never been able to fully decide who she is. I have always tried to fit myself into just one label, and I always find myself failing. The problem is, I fit in lots of places, but I, for some reason, don't want multiple labels on me. Ask me questions. Share my insanity.

Come to the dark side - we have cookies.